How To Find The Right Contract Furniture For Your Restaurant?

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In today’s world choosing the right contract furniture for your restaurant, cafe or pub is essential to match your company’s branding, your clients’ expectations, and attain the right capacity for guests. In this article we will examine some of the steps you will need to cover in your search for the right furniture for your hospitality business.

The first thing to consider is whether the different contract furniture providers on the market have a range that suits your brand values and image. It is always a good idea to ask your chosen provider or shortlist of providers to show you some sample products, whether one of their standard range of chairs, tables and accessories, or a custom design made for another client or restaurant chain. Consider the build quality of the products, but importantly also consider the design. If you do not believe the design will fit your brand, it may be best to look elsewhere. Don’t forget that the manufacturer may be able to produce custom designs to your specification, so ask for some initial plans to be drawn up before a prototype is made.

The next thing that you will need to know is how big your restaurant is and how many people you want it to seat. This will require you to get your restaurant measured up, which should be done by an experienced interior designer to ensure these measurements are accurate and taken in the correct way. If you are leasing a new retail unit for your restaurant, your commercial property agent may already have detailed diagrams of the floorplan. If you can acquire these, it can either save you money or leave you with more funds to install high quality contract furniture.

Once you have a floor plan with accurate measurements and a rough idea of how much capacity for guests you need, the next step is to work with an interior designer to draw up some initial plans of seating layouts. However there is much more than just client capacity to take into account when planning to purchase contract furniture. You must also consider other elements of the design. Do your customers usually come in large groups, so should you dedicate more space to booth-style bench seating for larger groups? Is your restaurant mainly targeted at couples, in which case should you dedicate more floor space to tables for two? Or if your restaurant is used by both customer types, would it be best to have movable furniture to accommodate larger or smaller groups when required?

Finally, another question is how much walk-in traffic will you get, or do you expect most customers to book a table in advance? This is an important question to ask when planning a contract furniture fit-out, because if you anticipate lots of visits from people who’ve not booked tables, you will need to dedicate more space to a reception area or other area for customers to wait for a table, for example at a bar. This may mean having to take away some seating area, however it could result in better business as giving people a place to wait for their table should mean less people being turned away at the door, and less need for them to have to wait outside.

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