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If you are eating in a fast food restaurant or in an elegant catering service, you must of course be generous enough and you should treat the waiter and waitresses in a proper manner. With this attitude you will gain good respect from your friends or your partner on that particular restaurant. So you want to be elegant do you? Here are some percentages of amounts that you can give to a particular restaurant staff.

At Restaurants

Wait staff can have 15% up to 20% of total bill before taxes. Remember that some restaurants today suggests to have a tip after taxes, because servers themselves tip out on the after tax amount. The safest is to tip 15% to 20% of total bill, even for an expensive bottle of wine, including alcohol. However, we’ve seen some restaurants say it’s Ok to tip around 10% for their expensive wine, also in other bars that serve drinks like beer. Bartenders with good service deserve to have 15 to 20 percent of the tab. Or sometimes $1 for beer or wine, $2 for mixed drinks. Initially, pay your bar tab before leaving for your table. In some catering service, if your order at the front and food is delivered to your table, it depends. Once you have your order, the seating and decor compare with a standard back-sit restaurant; tips are in the minimum of 5% to 10%. But if the food is delivered to your table as a convenience only, giving a tip is not needed.

At The Cafe

At the coffee shop, there are times that the coffee is served by a waiter to your table. In this situation, there are the so-called tip jar that totally depends if you want to put some tip for the waiter, or rather for the coffee shop. This is optional, but if you want to give a tip because you’re satisfied with the service, you can put a 5% to 10% for good service or complicated orders, especially if the staff is hired and is more dependent on tips.

At Buffets

There is a little amount of tipping, but sometimes it’s not necessary to do so. Especially at fast-food buffets, there’s no tipping necessary. But in casino style buffet, if you have a waiter or waitress who serves your drink and your order, $1 to $2 tip is appreciated. In hotel buffets, for business breakfasts, you can give $1 to $2, at high- end hotel brunch buffets, 15% to 20% frequently is the normal and sometimes automatically added.

At The Fine Dining

Upon arriving at a fine dining like Beverly Hills Italian restaurants, there is the usual 1$ to $3 tip for the parking attendant. This is a fine dining restaurant, having said that you must expect it to be elegant. That’s one good reason your coatroom attendant must deserves $1 per coat from you. Wait staff can have 15 to 20 percent of the pretax bill. Take note that some of the restaurants now suggests to have a tip after taxes, this is because server themselves tip out after the tax amount. There are also called wine steward or sommelier that deserves to have a personal service tip of 10% of the wine bill. Restroom attendant also have a part on tips. You can give them .50 up to $1 of your cash.

Other Services like Delivery

At some restaurants that have delivery services like a pizza restaurant, at least $1 to 15% for normal service, more during rain, snow or other poor weather is deserve by the delivery boy.

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