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Tips for Success in Your Restaurant Business

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Beginning a cafe or restaurant business may bring you success whenever you place your heart in it. What this means is, you’ve got to be prepared to devote the required time, effort, and resolve for earn success for the business. When you are aware how to begin a cafe or restaurant properly, your company is certain to succeed regardless of the number of challenges you meet on the way.

Certainly, you can generate good profits from managing a restaurant business. This is also true whenever you learn to begin a restaurant properly the very first time. Meals are a large industry and funds is simple having a restaurant business. Though high potentials for profitability is really a succumbed e-commerce, you have to strive and make preparations much to earn success for the restaurant business.

Here are a few helpful tips about how to begin a restaurant that’s certain to succeed:

Because the restaurant is really a large business where profitability is simple, your competition is fierce. You have to have the ability to conceptualize a cafe or restaurant that’s dissimilar to competition and from which you’ll capture a sizable business. You have to have the ability to perform a thorough research and research into the market and also the competition. It can help to search for systems that can earn success for his or her business and find out the best way to learn and adapt from all of these systems. You have to obviously have the ability to personalize based on your particular needs.

How to begin a cafe or restaurant starts with a decent strategic business plan. Here’s your blueprint towards success. You cant ever reach your destination without direction. The program provides you with the required direction regarding how to achieve success for the restaurant business.

You have to have the ability to mix and blend the standards in beginning a cafe or restaurant business effectively. These factors include financial needs, location, service, supplies, equipment, furniture and fittings, layout, concept, and elegance. Carefully arrange for recption menus that you’ll actually your clients. You’ve to actually will have the ability to balance our prime excellence of the food and just how affordable it may be for your clients. You’ve got a sure champion with you using the right combination.

Following these tips about how to begin a restaurant will allow you to see great rewards and profitability for the business. On top of that you can rest assured that you’re headed for the right direction for achievement.

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Tips to Sell Your Restaurant

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Are you planning to sell your restaurant? Well, there can be several reasons behind your decision. May be the tight economy has compelled you to come to such a decision. Your inability to operate the restaurant properly can also be a reason why you want to sell it or you may wish to try your hand at something new. Whatever the reason is, selling a restaurant is not as difficult as you think. Following a few simple steps will help you not only to sell your restaurant but to sell it keeping a high profit margin.

Instructions for selling your restaurant:

  • Before you sell your restaurant, see whether any repair works are needed to be done. Customers don’t like to buy restaurant that requires a lot of repair work. So complete the necessary remodeling first. The lighting may not be suitable for the ambiance or the appliances may need to be replaced. All these changes should take place before you show your restaurant to potential customers. When you spend you a little on fixing up things, you can expect higher price.
  • Do a little bit market research. Check out the restaurants selling in your area. Compare your restaurant with other restaurants. Determine whether your business is bigger or smaller. This will help you to get an idea of how much price you can expect. The style and equipments of your restaurant will also help you to determine the price.
  • Consult a real estate attorney before you take any step. Discuss your options with an experience real estate attorney. You can get free or low cost consultation. You should be aware of the real estate law when you sell your restaurant.
  • Marketing is very important. Give ads in local newspapers or bulletin boards, distribute leaflets or give ads in your local TV channel. Spread the word in as many ways as possible. This will bring in potential customers.
  • When you start receiving potential customers, you can exercise your marketing skill. Show the entire restaurant them and answer all their queries. You may not get the right customer at the first chance but you will have to have patience. Even if you get an offer that is lower than what you have expected do not ignore the customer. You may bargain with them. You can convince the customers that you are offering them a competitive price and they can compare your price with other best restaurants to see whether your claim is right. If you are not in a hurry wait till you get the right offer.
  • If you are unable to handle the task yourself, you can count on a real estate agent. They are experts in this field. So they can do the job with more ease. You will have to pay them a little fee. Be sure your job will be done in no time.

Following these simple tips will help you to sell your restaurant easily.

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Tips For Restaurant Staff

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If you are eating in a fast food restaurant or in an elegant catering service, you must of course be generous enough and you should treat the waiter and waitresses in a proper manner. With this attitude you will gain good respect from your friends or your partner on that particular restaurant. So you want to be elegant do you? Here are some percentages of amounts that you can give to a particular restaurant staff.

At Restaurants

Wait staff can have 15% up to 20% of total bill before taxes. Remember that some restaurants today suggests to have a tip after taxes, because servers themselves tip out on the after tax amount. The safest is to tip 15% to 20% of total bill, even for an expensive bottle of wine, including alcohol. However, we’ve seen some restaurants say it’s Ok to tip around 10% for their expensive wine, also in other bars that serve drinks like beer. Bartenders with good service deserve to have 15 to 20 percent of the tab. Or sometimes $1 for beer or wine, $2 for mixed drinks. Initially, pay your bar tab before leaving for your table. In some catering service, if your order at the front and food is delivered to your table, it depends. Once you have your order, the seating and decor compare with a standard back-sit restaurant; tips are in the minimum of 5% to 10%. But if the food is delivered to your table as a convenience only, giving a tip is not needed.

At The Cafe

At the coffee shop, there are times that the coffee is served by a waiter to your table. In this situation, there are the so-called tip jar that totally depends if you want to put some tip for the waiter, or rather for the coffee shop. This is optional, but if you want to give a tip because you’re satisfied with the service, you can put a 5% to 10% for good service or complicated orders, especially if the staff is hired and is more dependent on tips.

At Buffets

There is a little amount of tipping, but sometimes it’s not necessary to do so. Especially at fast-food buffets, there’s no tipping necessary. But in casino style buffet, if you have a waiter or waitress who serves your drink and your order, $1 to $2 tip is appreciated. In hotel buffets, for business breakfasts, you can give $1 to $2, at high- end hotel brunch buffets, 15% to 20% frequently is the normal and sometimes automatically added.

At The Fine Dining

Upon arriving at a fine dining like Beverly Hills Italian restaurants, there is the usual 1$ to $3 tip for the parking attendant. This is a fine dining restaurant, having said that you must expect it to be elegant. That’s one good reason your coatroom attendant must deserves $1 per coat from you. Wait staff can have 15 to 20 percent of the pretax bill. Take note that some of the restaurants now suggests to have a tip after taxes, this is because server themselves tip out after the tax amount. There are also called wine steward or sommelier that deserves to have a personal service tip of 10% of the wine bill. Restroom attendant also have a part on tips. You can give them .50 up to $1 of your cash.

Other Services like Delivery

At some restaurants that have delivery services like a pizza restaurant, at least $1 to 15% for normal service, more during rain, snow or other poor weather is deserve by the delivery boy.

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Tips to Choose The Best Restaurant And Bar Supplier

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re just breaking into the restaurant industry, or whether you’re a 20-year veteran: a good source for restaurant supplies and bar supplies can make your life easier and your kitchen operate more smoothly. But how do you choose? Before making any decisions, you have to determine and prioritize your needs.

First of all, you should evaluate your menu and determine the things you absolutely have to have in the way of restaurant supplies in order to operate properly. Seating, tabletops, cooking equipment, dish tanks, and utensils are usually at the top of the list. The “must haves” are the ones you should make a proper investment in, and are not good places to try to cut corners.

Once you’ve determined your absolute essentials, think strategically about extras that can reduce kitchen labor or add flexibility to accommodate future menu changes. Kitchen supplies like commercial food processors and vegetable choppers can make a big difference in the time it takes to prepare dishes.

Third, don’t forget the “little” things. Make sure you have an adequate supply of the basic tools you need in a commercial kitchen: spatulas, scoops, knives, pot holders, food service carts, and thermometers are just a few. You’ll also need table utensils, napkins, plates, drinkware, and condiment containers.

Finally, don’t forget about storage. You’ll have to have food storage and shelving for perishables and non-perishables, and they’ll have to meet restaurant codes. Every restaurant is different, so the needs will vary some from one to another.

In many cases you can get a better deal on your restaurant supplies and bar supplies if you work with one dealer who can give volume discounts. Price, expertise, and customer service (not necessarily in that order) are three qualities of restaurant suppliers that you must not compromise on. These three qualities are often interdependent, and you should evaluate suppliers to find the one that offers you the best possible combination of price, expert knowledge, and customer service.

If you choose to work with an online restaurant supplier, it is essential that you consider shipping costs, their return policy, and the availability of parts for the equipment you buy. Premium bulk restaurant suppliers won’t stay in business if they alienate their customers with poor customer service or shipping costs that offset any savings on the products themselves.

Once you find a provider of bulk restaurant and bar supplies that treats you right and gives you quality for your money, you’ll have an easier time when it’s time to expand, redecorate, or revamp your menu. A supplier that understands everything from bar stools to steam table pans to heavy gauge stainless steel cookware and bakeware can be a big factor in your success.

Choosing a restaurant supplier should be the product of research and thorough needs analysis, coupled with knowledge about the supplier’s history, policies, and expertise. The right supplies from a top dealer of restaurant equipment will help your business’s success both short term and long term. Don’t rely upon just anyone for the equipment and supplies you need to run your restaurant properly.

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Restaurant Management Tips to You

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Due to the income generating capability of restaurants, many people are searching for ways to start one. If you are interested in starting a business on a small scale, a restaurant is a very good choice. However, only starting the restaurant is not important; maintaining its smooth running is also to be given attention to.

There have been many individuals who have been successful in starting a small business as a restaurant, but failed to make it profitable because of ignoring some restaurant management tips and tricks. It is suggested that these important considerations are taken in mind even before starting a restaurant.

Financial Planning
Financial planning is one of the most crucial aspects in starting and running a restaurant. You need to arrange for and manage budgets very carefully; owing to all factors such as the setting, decorations, hiring, and other necessities. Try to make a detailed record of the food costs, and find out how much is being used and how much wasted. Once you get a basic idea of the overall expenses and material requirements for a certain time period, you can buy stuff accordingly and save on costs.

Employee Management
It is certain that to run a restaurant; you will need cooks, waiters, and other personnel. The recruitment should be carried out after proper planning of how much work is to be done and when. Additional personnel can have a bad impact on profits in the earnings. Nevertheless, you should also make sure to not compromise with customer service while limiting staff. Proper personnel management also includes providing motivation and appreciation to staff for retaining the best workers.

One of the most effective tips is advertising and marketing your restaurant in the neighborhood. You can use simple and cost-effective advertising ideas for publicizing your business. You may distribute flyers in your locality with the restaurant’s details. You can even include a small advertisement in the local newspaper, or use social networking as means of advertising. By ensuring good customer satisfaction, you can use the most useful word-of-mouth restaurant advertising idea.

Customer Service and Satisfaction
Make sure you provide the best customer service, which will finally lead to customer satisfaction. All restaurant staff should make it a point to place customer service in top priority. This includes welcoming guests, attending and taking orders, and asking if any other service is needed. Remember that taking an extra step to meet customers’ demands, will certainly add up to the reputation of your restaurant. For good customer service, proper communication and coordination between the staff is indispensable.

Other Management Factors
There are many other tips to consider. A good restaurant management idea is to start a unique trend which no other restaurants offer. For example, you can present a surprise gift to customers who spend more than a certain amount. You may even add a special or children’s menu on your standard menu card. One point not to miss is the safety and hygiene standards in the restaurant. Make sure all safety equipment is in working condition, and there is cleanliness maintained.

These are just a few general restaurant management tips. You can think from a businessman’s point of view to devise new ideas for increasing the regular customer base of your restaurant. Also keep yourself updated on the happenings in your surroundings such as festivals or celebrations, which will help you start new ideas for drawing in public attention.

How to Find the Ideal Restaurant Location

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Some kinds of business work better than others, and there is no doubt about that. The hotel or restaurant industry is just another one of them. There is however one factor that helps contribute towards the success of a business like such, and that is location. Location is key, and it matters like nothing else does! If you were to give it a casual look, starting a restaurant may seem like a piece of cake, but taking a close look at what goes on behind the scenes will give you a different idea altogether. The amount of planning and deciding it takes to get a good and successful restaurant up and running is no joke. As mentioned before though, take a look at how one simple factor involved in setting up the place can turn into something exhaustive.

How to Find the Best Location for Your Restaurant

When starting up a new restaurant there are some things that have to be taken into regard no matter what. Here is a lowdown on some of those important factors.

Pick a Place that Attracts Population
Any business is termed as a successful one only when there is a good flow of people. This rule holds even more valid when it comes to an eatery. It is therefore important to find a location that has a large number of people pass by from there at any given time. What would help just as much is attracting customers at peak hours such as lunch and dinner. While dinner would mean people flocking to the restaurant as part of a plan, lunch should be the result of a “spur-of-the-moment” plan. Some of the best spots would be those around schools, colleges / universities, offices, etc.

Choose a Spot that People Know Of
While looking for a restaurant location, what matters a lot is easy accessibility to the place. A place that is not easy to get to, is one that not many people would want to spend their time coming to in the first place. While accessibility makes all the difference, ensure that it is one that is easy to spot just as well. A place that can be spotted with ease is also more likely to pull in more of a crowd than it otherwise would.

Ensure that there is Ample Parking
So maybe you’ve been doing everything right, but you forgot to consider one very crucial factor. Parking! Wouldn’t you feel almost awful if you lost a customer only because there was no place to park the car! It truly would be a shame to lose a customer for a reason like that. When thinking of parking, it need not be something like private parking, but make sure that there is some place nearby for them to do so. If for some reason the street is the only available space there is, provide valet parking so as to avoid harried customers.

Make Sure the Area is a Safe One
This one may slip the minds of some, but it is one of the points that absolutely cannot be ignored. Let alone the safety and security of all the customers the restaurant would attract, basic security for the restaurant too is just as important. It is for this reason that looking into the crime rate of the chosen location is extremely essential. It’s as logical as it can get really, the lower the level of crime, the better the chances of good business.

The above mentioned are the most important things that must be kept in mind while choosing the right location for your restaurant, but there are a few other aspects that could help turn the place into a massive success too. They are size of the place, pricing of the menu, quality of service and condition of the place, to name a few. Make sure you keep all these points in mind, and turning the restaurant into a roaring success is almost certain.

Restaurant Themes Idea

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downloadIt must be pretty exciting a venture to have finally opened your own restaurant. A lot of young chefs these days start out on their very own chain of restaurants, where the competition is cutthroat and dodging the overhead butcher knives is not a new maneuver. It is both an impressive and respectable business where it pays to be that good.

So now you’ve finally taken it upon yourself to start-up your own place and have been contemplating what kind of theme would strike a balance between you and your guests, when it comes to the feel and look of your restaurant. No worries, these restaurant theme ideas should have you mulling over out-of-the-box suggestions that you can get working on.

Theme Ideas for a Restaurant

Starting a restaurant is not easy – it takes skill, practice and a drive to get you to where you want to be. And the driving force here isn’t money or a loan but, passion. Passion is an amazing driving force that allows us to push the envelope and surpass expectations and boundaries. So to kickstart your to-be mammoth restaurant, let’s see what kind of themes may work for you.

  • Abstract Art Meets Arabian Nights Theme
    Picture this, you have medium-sized to large blow up paintings of abstract art pieces, strategically placed in the sitting area and reception entrance, so that it doesn’t look too over the top. You can then have comfortable cushion chairs for tables with high-back seats with the same do up, to keep guests comfortable. You could have diwans and bean bags off to an area, like say the smoking part of the restaurant, with low tables and enough space to spread out and relax. The woodwork has an old feel to it, with something quite antique-y about it.

    Tables are in polished heavy wood, with single candle holders centered on each table. Furniture is done in complete wood and Arabian-esque material, with tabletops sporting Persian cloths. It might be quite a contrasting theme, but if you keep the colors of the restaurant subdued, the artwork on the walls and your overall interiors should really stand out. Wallpaper too can have a sandpaper-y look to it, with muted colors to bring out the vibrant hues that the paintings will already imbue.

  • Food Inspired Theme
    Think about what kind of food you’re serving your guests – are you sticking to something strictly continental or regional? If you have a global fusion thing going on, try to encapsulate the theme of your restaurant using this as your base idea. Like say for example, if you are strictly serving Thai cuisine or Japanese food only, or maybe food that is solely Italian or French, circle that culture’s symbolic representation in your restaurant. Use cutlery and colors that speak of that culture, including the kind of furniture that translates into the same message. Give it a homely feel, adding dimmed lights and paintings that depict works from painters of that culture to give it a well-rounded effect for your theme.
  • ┬áNature Theme
    With everyone going nuts over the going green initiative, you can style your restaurant circling around an organic and nature-esque demeanor. Place plants and fresh flowers on each table, leaf-embossed paint work, mini fountains, complimentary potpourri bags and organic materials like hemp, jute, and sisal for place mats and tabletop covers. Give guests that feeling of being outdoors while being indoors of course, by providing soft instrumental nature-inspired music, scented candles to saturate the air and refreshing herbal drinks before they start their meals. Why should only spas spark such calm and comfort?
  • Retro Theme
    No matter what age the crowd is that enters your restaurant, there’s nothing more reminiscent or fascinating about something that embodies an old-fashioned, gone-are-the-days kind of theme. Both the young and old can take pleasure in enjoying your sixties-inspired restaurant, with mini jukeboxes placed on each table – something like Applebee’s. Use your own spin when it comes to the look, with outdated stools, tables, checkered tabletop covers and wallpaper caricatures showcasing the best that there was in the music/movie business during the eighties. It’s comfortable, functional and above all fun if you want to cater to people of all ages with no specific food type to go with.

    These restaurant theme suggestions should you give you an idea of how to style the interior of your restaurant, whether you’re revamping the place or starting from scratch. Throw around ideas with those who know about interior decorating, until you find a theme that you’ll love.

Find Restaurant for a Business Lunch

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images (2)Why the Restaurant Selection Matters
If you have to take a business acquaintance out for lunch or dinner, it could be important to choose an appropriate restaurant. Even if the purpose of the outing is not strictly business, showing your guest a good time could pay dividends in the future. If people enjoy themselves in your company, they will remember you fondly in the future. If people remember you fondly, they will be more likely to think of you when they have something good to offer. Additionally, if you need a favor at some point down the line, someone who has a pleasant memory of you will probably be happy to help you out.

Be Aware of Dietary Restrictions
So how should you choose where to dine for a casual business meeting? There are, of course, several factors to consider. The first and most important thing is to know your guest. If possible, know your guest’s dietary habits, preferences, and recent dining history. If you are taking a vegetarian out to lunch, choose something with a suitable range of options for that lifestyle. Ethnic restaurants like Mexican, Chinese, and Italian are often good choices for vegetarians.

Know Your Guest’s Preferences
In addition to dietary restrictions, your guest may have some individual tastes that you should account for in choosing a restaurant. Some people do not like spicy food, others prefer to avoid fish at all costs, and so on. In most cases, such preferences can easily be accommodated. Of course, you might not know in advance what your business acquaintance likes or dislikes. In that situation, there are two equally good options. The first is to come up with two or three different ideas and ask your guest which one he or she likes best. The other is to choose a dining establishment with a large enough selection that individuals of any persuasion will be able to find something they’ll like.

Branch Out
If you are eating out with someone who has been on the road for quite some time, or with someone who has dined with others in your company in the past week, it’s a good idea to try to find out what they have eaten recently. For example, if your guest has gone out with your coworkers to Chinese restaurants three times in the last week, it might be a good idea to try something else. Your guest may politely accept a fourth Chinese restaurant, but she or he will almost certainly not have a wonderful time.

Avoid the Big-Name Chains
Once you have made sure that you can cater to your guest’s individual preferences and habits, there are some other factors that may help you settle on a restaurant. It’s always a good idea to choose somewhere local. You may think it’s a safe bet to pick a chain restaurant like Olive Garden or Pizza Hut, but those restaurants do not make for very memorable experiences. Try to give your guest a taste of your hometown by choosing a local favorite that doesn’t exist anywhere else.

Showcase Your Culture
If you have plans to dine from someone who comes from another country, consider showcasing the best cuisine of your nation. Even if there is a cute locally-owned sushi bar in your area, you might want to avoid taking a business guest there (unless, of course, you live in Japan). Sushi is popular all over the world, so your guest will probably not get a unique cultural experience from a sushi restaurant. Instead, think of the best food your culture has to offer. If you follow these tips, you can show your guest a good time, make a lasting impression, and be a good ambassador for your country, all at the same time.

How to Become a Good Head Chef

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Oh the Hors d’oeuvres! The sausages! The steaks, and the cheeses! There are two reasons to become a chef – either you’re a foodie, or you’re on a mission to turn the entire world into foodies. Doesn’t matter which category you fall into; what matters is the fact that cooking can turn into one of the most interesting careers in the world for you, if you have the knack of playing with spices and flavors. Think beyond, and you could manage a team of skilled chefs who know the nitty-gritty that the culinary world enfolds within. That said, the career of head chefs revolves around creating innovative recipes, establishing a name for themselves, managing a team of chefs and kitchen workers, and earning handsomely. If you’re a bon vivant and see yourself mixing the best of spices in a reputable eatery a few years down the lane, a career as a head chef awaits you with arms wide open. In the following segment, we bounce off the various steps to become a successful head chef – steps composed of the education requirements, specialization, and personal skills, all of which define the absolute process of becoming a head chef in a hotel. So, here goes.

Becoming a Head Chef – Steps

Just so you know, to become a head chef, one must be through the basics of becoming a chef, gain relevant experience in the field of cooking, and then plan on pursuing a career as a head chef in a large-scale eatery. Following are the steps involved in pursuing a career a head chef:

Seek Education: While the knack of cooking is a requisite for every culinary aspirant who plans on becoming a chef later in life, one needs to enroll in a culinary school post high school. The United States of America boasts of a number of world-class culinary institutions such as Institute of Culinary Education (NYC), California Culinary Academy (San Francisco), and Texas Culinary Academy (Austin) which can be considered if one wants to kick-start their career as a chef. From basic cooking to baking art, these schools groom their students in the best way possible, and prepare them to cook some of the best dishes in the world. Lastly, they will help you discover your own unique style of cooking, and tell you how to maximize it.

Find Your Niche: A chef may work in a number of settings, and acquire more than one position to demonstrate their culinary art. For example, many aspirants are fond of baking, and hence, they aspire to become a pastry chef. Many, on the other hand, look forward to become a vegetable chef or a pantry chef. Following, there are sous chefs, personal chefs, and garde managers who have their own sets of duties and responsibilities. However, for every type of chef, the entry-level position is that of commises, where cooks work as apprentices under head chefs in large kitchens. Therefore, in order to head your team of kitchen workers, you need to find your niche, and start working in direction of the same. You need to enroll in the right culinary school, and take up courses dedicated to your liking.

Get As Much Experience as You Can: Framing a career as a head chef requires nothing but experience. You work as a chef in a reputed hotel for a while, learn the basics and the advanced skills, start managing a small team ab initio, and soon, your experience will help you acquire a position higher than other chefs of similar league. Demonstrate rich quality working, develop a unique style of cooking that no other chef of your league has, and so, either you can expect a promotion as a head chef in your own hotel, or you could start applying for the position of a head chef in other eateries and hotels. A switch in the job will present you with a greater remuneration, and better opportunities. All in all, there are no such education requirements in particular for becoming a head chef; a head chef is required to have the leadership skills and an ability to work as a team with the chefs he or she is assigned.

The process of becoming a head chef starts with becoming a lover of food and cooking food. You need to be attentive of the vacancies in organizations that require new chefs everyday, and apply accordingly. A career as a head chef is extremely lucrative for the reason that the annual salary of a chef heading a team of chefs and kitchen workers in the United States of America is no less than $50,000 annually. Hospitality is a field where one can earn handsomely, depending upon the settings they choose to serve in. The duties and responsibilities of head chef focus more on leadership, and therefore, this is one trait that every aspirant needs to develop in themselves before thinking of becoming the master of spices and grubs!

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How to Be a Right Waitress

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imagesBe Positive!
If you have taken the plunge in the hospitality industry, irrespective of how you feel inside, learn and practice to always come across as a positive person, on the outside. No one will want to see a gloomy face while enjoying his meal at a restaurant. So even if the customer is unreasonable or does not treat you right or whatever might be the provocation, stay calm and positive under all circumstances.

Look Good!
Again, this is very important. Look your best when waiting tables. Comb your hair nicely, put on some make-up (do not overdo it though), wear clean and ironed clothes and a good footwear. Maintain hygiene and be well-groomed. All these things do matter as they enhance a person’s dining experience and thus, you may end up getting more tips from customers!

Be Knowledgeable!
Learn as much as you can on the job. Know the menu by heart, including the ingredients that go into each and every dish as well as its taste, so that you have all the answers to the customer’s queries. Secondly, learn the appropriate ways of serving various dishes, how the cutlery and plates have to be placed, how the table has to be set, etc. This will not only help you in your present job, but in future as well, especially if you are serious about making a career in the hospitality industry.

Take Orders Appropriately!
When you are taking orders from the customers, suggest some options from your side as well. Ask the customer what kind of food he would like to have, something spicy or bland or cheesy and then suggest accordingly. This shows that you know what you are doing, are concerned about the customer and are willing to give him undivided attention. Also, always make it a point to write the order. Carry a notepad and a pen with you at all times, so that you do not forget the order or have to come back and ask the customer to repeat his order. Although, with some experience, you will learn how to take a number of orders simultaneously, yet, initially, take only one order at a time.

Be Friendly!
Be friendly with your customers as well as your fellow workers. Do not fight for tables with the other waitresses as it can create hostility and sabotage everyone’s performance. Remember your regular customers and it would pay a lot if you keep in mind the things they usually order. If you want to be perfect in your job, you have to aim for maximum customer satisfaction. This means that even if the customer is angry over something or is arguing with you, maintain your composure and never answer or argue back.

Keep Checking Back!
Once you have taken the order and served food, this does not mean that your duty is over. Keep on checking at the tables every now and then to ensure that the customers get everything they want – be it cutlery, napkin or another dish. At the same time, do not keep hovering around the table as the customer might feel that you are invading his privacy. So maintain a balance and be there for the customers when needed. Also, when the customers are eating, keep on removing the dishes, plates, glasses, etc. from the table as and when the customers are done using them so that the table remains clutter-free. In short, go that extra mile to ensure that your customer is happy, satisfied and enjoying himself. This will help you in getting a lot of tips!

Some More Tips…
There are two more things that you should bear in mind. Firstly, before presenting the bill to a customer, always ask him whether he needs something else, unless and until the customer has asked for the bill himself. Secondly, even if you do not get a good tip, do not at any point ask the customer for more or discuss it with the other waiting staff in front of the guests. This is considered as unprofessional behavior on your part.

Currently, the salary of a waitress can be anywhere between $8000 to $48000, depending upon the years of experience, location and the kind of restaurant one is employed in. Tips are over and above this salary. This profession can prove to be lucrative, although you will have to be on your feet for long hours, which can be physically taxing. Still, this job is easier than a lot of other ones and if you want to make quick money on the side, take it up!

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